Visiting Us

 The Headquarters of NAOC is situated in the northern suburbs of Beijing. The distance from Beijing airport to the headquarters of NAOC is about 30 kilometres.When you are at the Beijing airport , you have several choices:

  • TAXI 

1. The taxies are just waiting outside the EXIT of the airport.Take Highway the Fifth Ring and exit at Beichen West Road. NAOC is at the north-west cornor of the intersaction of Datun Road and Beichen West Road. The fare is about 100RMB.If the traffic is not heavy, it takes about half an hour.   

2. We have prepared a map indicating how to go to NAOC from the airport. We suggest that you print it out and carry it with you. If you show it to the taxi driver, he/she will understand it immediately. (Print out and show this direction snippet to the Taxi driver)

3. If you have difficulties finding your way to NAOC, please dial the number of NAOC, 64807932, for help.

1.Take Airport Express (Direction: Dongzhimen)  . Get off Airport Express at Sanyuanqiao Station.

2.Transfer to Metro Line 10 (Direction: Bagou). Get off Metro Line 10 at Beituchen Station. Transfer to Metro Line 8 ( Direction: Forest ParkSouth Gate). Get off at Olympic Green Station .

3.Exit from A export of Olympic Green Station ,then walk towards north. The first major road to the north of the Metro stop is Datun Road.Turn left (west) onto Datun Road. It takes about 10-minute walk to reach NAOC. It is on the right (north) side of Datun Road and at north-west cornor of the intersaction of Datun Road and Beichen West Road.  




 ► 3-D Map From Subway To NAOC