Lunch Seminar 2014

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The lunch talk at Galaxy and Cosmology (G&C) Division of NAOC is held on Wednesdays (except holidays), starting from 12:00pm at A508. It is an informal seminar, discussing the recent progress on almost all the aspects of the astronomy and astrophysics, covering from the small scale structure and its dynamics of the star and galaxy, to the large scale of the Universe. All the G&C members are encouraged to attend, and the other NAOC members are also welcome. We also welcome the volunteer as a speaker volunteer, especially from other institutes. In case you are willing to do the talk, please feel free to contact either Dr. Lijun Gou (, or Dr. Stephen Justham (, Qi Guo (, Ran Li (  For other questions about the talk (e.g., format of the talk, subscription to the mailing-list), please contact Ms. Shumei Wu (

Lunch for all attendees will be served for free.  However, please note that the price of taking food for free is that you are agreeing to participate by presenting something when asked to do so. You may expect to be asked to summarise a paper once or twice per semester.

If you will come, please order food BEFORE 10:00 am on that day. If you have any visitors who will be attending and who wish to eat lunch, please also order for them.

Lastly, the description of the talk format is here.


G&C Division Lunch @ 2014





Jan. 9th

An analytical model of the large neutral regions during the late stage of reionization (Dr. Yi-Dong Xu, NAOC)
Lithium problems: on the main sequence and the red giant branch (Ms. Xiao-Ting Fu, SISSA)  


Jan. 15th

Automated Classification of Variable Stars (Prof. Susana Eyheramendy, Department of Statistics, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile)
Light Curve Properties of Supernovae Associated With Gamma-ray Bursts (Ms. Xue Li, University of Coperhagen)  


Feb. 26th

Solar activity - an explosive release of magnetic energy (Prof. Jingxiu Wang, NAOC)
Are Milky-Way satellites the descendant of tidal dwarf galaxies without dark matter? (Dr. Yanbin Yang, University Paris Diderot, France)  


Mar. 5th

The major merger impact on the evolution of the spiral and dwarf galaxies (Mr. Sylvain Fouquet, Observatoire de Meudon)
The Local Void: for or against LCDM? (Ms. Li-Zhi Xie, NAOC)  


Mar. 12th

Highlights from the gravitational microlensing conference in Santa Barbara: KMTNet and free-floating planets (Prof. Shude Mao, NAOC)
Astro-ph discussion on halo stars (led by Dr. Andrew Cooper, NAOC)  


Mar. 19th

Introduction and Discussion on the newly-discovered CMB B-mode (Prof. Xuelei Chen, NAOC)


Mar. 26th

The unusual radial metallicity distribution for the young stars in the outer Galactic disk (Mr. Junchen Wan, NAOC)
Reconstructing light curves from imaging observations of Hard X-ray Modulation Telescope (Dr. Zhuoxi Huo, Tsinghua)  


Apr. 2nd

Where are the missing binaries? Rapid dynamical processes in the cores of young star clusters.(Dr. Cheng-Yuan Li, PKU)
The X-ray Scattered Halo Around IGR J17544-2619 (Mr.Junjie Mao , NAOC)


Apr. 23rd

Probing the diffuse baryon distribution with the cross-correlation between lensing and the thermal Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect" (Alireza Hojjati, University of British Columbia, Vancouver)
A Rapidly Evolving Region in the Galactic Centre" (Xian Chen, Max-Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics)


Apr. 30th A508

Tidal disruption of Supermassive Black Hole Binaries in Merging Galaxies before and after Coalescence. (Li Shuo, NAOC)
Observational evidence for Hall drift and Hall waves in the crusts of isolated young neutron stars. (Yi Xie, NAOC)


May. 07th, A508

Non-Microlensing Science: From WFIRST Microlensing (Andy Gould, OSU)
Long term evolutionary models of rotating dense stellar systems (Jose Fiestas, NAOC)


May. 14th, A508

Arc Statistics of Massive Clusters (  Dr. Nan Li , KICP)
Weak Lensing and density field reconstruction (Dr. Wentao Luo , SHAO)


May. 28th, A508


Jun. 04th, A508

Dissecting X-ray Emitting Gas Around the Center of the Galaxy(Q. Daniel Wang,University of Massachusetts / Nanjing University)
New trends of SPH in galaxy formation and evolution  (Qirong Zhu, Pennsylvania State University)

Jun. 11th, A508

Post Planck Dark Energy Constraints (Prof. Anjan A Sen, Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi, India)

Jun. 18th, A508

Galactic Habitable Orbits (Dr. Awat Rahimi, NAOC)
New Evidence of Radial Migration in the Galactic Outer Disk (Dr. Chao Liu, NAOC)

Jun. 25th, A508

Resources and Services from China-VO (Virtual Observatory) (Prof. Chenzhou  Cui, NAOC)
Detection of dark matter from cosmic rays experiments (Dr. HongBo Jin, NAOC)

Sep. 03th, A508


Sep. 10th, A508


Sep. 17th, A508

Optimization of kSZ measurements with a reconstructed cosmological flow field (Dr. Ming Li NAOC)


Oct. 08th, A508

Gas and star formation in the Circinus galaxy (Dr. Bi-Qing For, Univ. Western Australia)

Oct. 15th, A508

Expansion techniques in collisionless systems  (Yohai Meiron, KIAA)

Oct. 22th, A508

Chemo-dynamical modelling of external galaxies using the  made-to-measure'' method (Richard Long, Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics)


Nov. 5th, A508

Stochastic halo mass reconstruction across the cosmic web (Mr. Cheng Zhao, Tsinghua Univ.)

Coleman-de Luccia instantons in nonliear massive gravity (Dr. Ying-Li Zhang, NAOC)

Nov. 19th, A508

A laser frequency comb on HARPS for detecting low-mass exoplanets (Fei Zhao, NAOC)
Investigating the cosmic evolution of the black hole mass - bulge luminosity relation  (Daeseong Park, NAOC)

Dec. 03th, A508

Variations of the ISM conditions across the Main Sequence of star forming galaxies: observations and simulations  (Dr. Rafael Martinez Galarza, CfA, USA)
The exoplanet survey around G/K giants with 2.16m telescope at Xinglong (Prof. Yujuan Liu, NAOC)

Dec. 10th, A508

Constraints on the mass and radius of compact star in 4U 1746-37 (Dr Zhaosheng Li, PKU)

Cosmological constraints from weak lensing peak statistics with CFHT Stripe-82 Survey ( Mr. Xiangkun Liu, PKU)

Dec. 17th, A508

Planck 2014: a brief going-through of cosmological results  (Yin-Zhe Ma, The University of Manchester)
From Galaxies to Halos - Reverse Engineering of the Galaxy Population (Yingjie Peng, KICC, The University of Cambridge)

Dec. 24th, A508

Prestellar Core Formation, Evolution and Accretion  (Mulan Gong, Princeton Univ., USA)
A Study of Very High-z Starburst Galaxies -- Using Power-law Temperature Distribution SED Model (Ting Su, John Hopkins Univ., USA)