Lunch Seminar 2013

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The lunch talk at Galaxy and Cosmology (G&C) Division of NAOC is held on Wednesdays (except holidays), starting from 12:00pm at A508. It is an informal seminar, discussing the recent progress on almost all the aspects of the astronomy and astrophysics, covering from the small scale structure and its dynamics of the star and galaxy, to the large scale of the Universe. All the G&C members are encouraged to attend, and the other NAOC members are also welcome. We also welcome the volunteer as a speaker volunteer, especially from other institutes. In case you are willing to do the talk, please feel free to contact either Dr. Lijun Gou (, or Dr. Stephen Justham ( For other questions about the talk (e.g., format of the talk, subscription to the mailing-list), please contact Ms. Jie Ma (

The (normal/vegetarian) lunch box will be served for free for the attendees on request, but one will have to ORDER the lunch before 10:00am on the day the talk is happening, following the link provided in the email alert.

Lastly, the description of the talk format is here.


 G&C Division Lunch @ 2013





Jan. 9th

The scatter in the relation between stellar mass and halo mass: random or halo formation time dependent?  (Dr. Lan Wang, NAOC)
Environmental effects of galaxy cluster beyond virial radius   (Dr. Ran Li, NAOC)


Jan. 16th

Star Formation in Dust-Rich Quasars at 0.5 < z < 3.5 (Ms. Sophia Yu Dai, Boston College/CfA)
The Infrared Properties and Period-Luminosity Relations of Red Supergiant Stars in the Magellanic Clouds (Dr. Ming Yang, NAOC)


Jan. 23th

The consequence of jet interacting with a warped disk  (Dr. Bi-Ping Gong, Huangzhong University of Science and Technology)
Modeling the dynamics of Globular Clusters in M87 with Made-to-measure method    (Ms. Ling Zhu, NAOC/Tsinghua Univ.)


Mar. 13th

GALEV evolutionary synthesis models - stellar clusters and galaxies (Dr. Peter Anders, KIAA/PKU)
Dynamics of massive black holes in merger events associated with the Andromeda galaxy (Dr. Raphael Sadoun, Perimeter Institute, France)


Mar. 20th

The quenching of isolated galaxies (Dr. Michael Blanton, NYU)
Satellite galaxies in the Milky Way (Dr. Jie Wang, NAOC)


Apr. 3rd

C2H (Ethynyl) Chemistry in High Mass SF regions (Xuejia Jiang, NJU/CfA)
BSG alignment of SDSS galaxy groups (Mr. Zhigang Li, NAOC)


Apr. 10th

 The star cluster system in the dwarf starburst galaxy NGC 5253 (Richard de Grijs, KIAA-PKU)
 Bias of cosmic telescope – differential lensing magnification (Xinzhong Er, NAOC)


Apr. 17th

Implications of the AMS-02 positron fraction in cosmic rays (Dr. Qiang Yuan, IHEP)
Some interesting topics in Lijiang''s IFU conference  (Dr. Yougang Wang/ Prof. Shude Mao, NAOC) Part 1_Yougang  Part 2_Shude


Apr. 24th

 Radio polarization observations of large supernova remnants at 6cm (Prof. Jinlin Han, NAOC)
A solution to the radiation pressure problem in the formation of massive stars (Dr. Rolf Kuiper, Tübingen University, Germany)

May 08th

A model for the correlation between Eddington ratio and hard X-ray index in black hole X-ray binaries (Dr. Erlin Qiao, NAOC)
The limits of subhalo abundance matching (Dr. Qi Guo, University of Durham/NAOC)


May 15th

Planetary Interiors Come Alive (Mr. Li Zeng, Harvard, USA)
LSST''s DC Bias against Planets and Galactic Plane Science (Prof. Andy Gould, OSU, USA)


May 22nd

A Statistical Study Of Solar Electron Events Over One Solar Cycle (Prof. Linghua Wang, PKU)
Missing Baryons in Galaxies (Prof. Joel Bregman, UMichigan, USA)


May 29th

Habitability and Biosignatures on Exoplanets (Prof. Feng Tian, Tsinghua/NAOC)
Open-source Approach to Astronomy with AstroML (Prof. Zeljko Ivezic, U-Washington, USA)


June 05th

The Heating Sources for Mid-Infrared Dust Emission in Galaxies: Case Study of NGC0628 & NGC7793 (Ms. Min-Yi Lin, NAOC)
The Galactic Rotation Curve from Red Clump Stars (Dr. Chao Liu, NAOC)


June 19th

Radiative Efficiency of Disk Accretion in Individual SDSS QSOs (Prof. You-Jun Lu, NAOC)

July 03rd A508

Isolation of massive field stars" (Cole Kushner, University of Michigan)
Eric Peng (Peking University)


Sep. 4th

The size evolution of early-type galaxies in SAM (Ms. Li-Zhi Xie, NAOC)
SMBH accreting stars in axisymmetric galactic nuclei (Mr. Shi-Yan Zhong, NAOC)


Sep. 11th

Pulsar VLBI (Prof. Ue-Li Pen, CITA)
The K giant stars in the Milky Way halo from LAMOST first-year survey (Dr. Chao Liu, NAOC)


Sep. 18th

The Sloan Lens ACS Survey XIII: Extending SLACS to Low Masses (Mr. Yiping Shu, U. of Utah)
Clumpy accretion onto black holes: Dynamics and spectrum (Dr. Cheng Cheng, NAOC)


Sep. 25th

Numerical simulation of a possible origin of the positive radial metallicity gradient of the thick disk (Dr. Awat Rahimi, NAOC)
The disk evaporation model for the spectral features of low-luminosity active galactic nuclei (Dr. Erlin Qiao, NAOC)


Oct. 9th

Radial Gradients and profiles in SAMs of Disk Galaxy Formation (Dr. Jian Fu, SHAO)
Where are We Going with Gaia (Dr. Richard Long, Manchester/NAOC)


Oct. 16th

A hungry black hole disrupting and devouring a star (Dr. Li-Xin Dai, Yale/Chile)
Modeling galaxy formation without the instantaneous recycling approximation (Dr. Yang-Shyang Li, NAOC)


Oct. 17th

Building a Giant Telescope to Probe Relic Neutrino Background (Dr. Jian-Rong Deng, NAOC)
Increasing the Fisher Information in the Cosmic Fields (Mr. Hao-Ran Yu, Beijing Normal Univ.)


Oct. 30th

The fate of the massive stars (Dr. Philipp Podsiadlowski (Oxford University))
In situ star formation in the Milky Way''s stellar halo (Dr. Andrew Cooper, NOAC)


Nov. 06th A508

Cosmic Acceleration from Interacting Vacuum Energy: Application and Observational Constraints (Dr. Yu-Ting Wang, NAOC)
Statistical Mechanics for Stellar System (Dr. Jin An, NAOC)


Nov. 13th A508

Effects of Plasma on Gravitational Lensing (Dr. Xin-Zhong Er, NAOC)
HI Intensity Mapping with Green Bank Telescope (Mr. Yi-Chao Li, NAOC)


Nov. 20th A508

Ground-based Detections of Thermal Emission from the Dense Hot Jupiter WASP-43b in the H and K_s Bands (Dr. Wei Wang, NAOC)
Bright 22 μm Excess Candidates from WISE Survey (Dr. Chao-Jian Wu, NAOC)


Nov. 27th A508

Building a Giant Telescope to Probe Relic Neutrino Background (Dr. Jian-Rong Deng, NAOC)
Photometry of Variable Stars from Dome A, Antarctica (Dr. Ling-Zhi Wang, NAOC)


Dec. 04th A508

First Galaxy-Galaxy Lensing Measurement of Satellite Halo Mass in the CFHT/MegaCam Stripe-82 Survey (Dr. Ran Li, NAOC)
The N2H+ and C2H observation of Rho Ophiuchi - A molecular cloud that shows different evolution stages (Mr. Zhichen Pan, NAOC)


Dec. 11 A508

On Physical Scales of Dark Matter Haloes (Prof. Marcel Zemp, KIAA/PKU)
From Dense Molecular Core to Stars: Two Examples in Orion (Dr. Zhi-Yuan Ren, NAOC)


Dec. 18 A508

Cosmological neutrino mass measurements using the velocity dipole (Prof. Ue-Li Pen, CITA)
Reconnections of ultra-strong magnetic fields in laser-produced plasmas (Prof. Jia-Yong Zhong, NAOC)