Lunch Seminar 2012

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Galaxy and Cosmology Division will start lunch every Wednesday. As usual, it will be held around 12:00 at A508. We will likely talk about our own work and interesting papers in an informal way. People within the division are encouraged to attend. We will also invite a few related people from other divisions to attend. The working language will be English. If you are interested in co-chairing the meeting, please let us know. If you have any question, please contact Jie Ma at If you wish to volunteer for future weeks, please let Qi Guo ( or Stephen Justham ( know.

Lunch for all division members will be provided for free. If you will come, please ORDER in advance BY 10:00AM that day.

description of the intended style of this meeting is here.

G&C Division Lunch @ 2012




Order Lunch

 01 12 noon/Feb.15/A508 How we should organise ourselves order lunch@Doodle
 02 12 noon/Feb.22/A508 Constraints on halo substructure order lunch@Doodle
 03 12 noon/Feb.29/A508 Juntai Shen (SHAO) and Richard Shaw (CITA) order lunch@Doodle
 04 12 noon/Mar.07/A208 Taotao Fang (Univ. Xiamen) and Eric Peng (KIAA) order lunch@Doodle
 05 12 noon/Mar.14/A508 Jun Pan (NAOC) and Greg Herczeg (KIAA) order lunch@Doodle
 06 12 noon/Mar.21/A508 Jeff Carlin (RPI) and Zhao-Yu Li (SHAO) order lunch@Doodle
 07 12 noon/Mar.28/A508 Andrew P. Cooper (MPA)and Doug Lin (UCSC & KIAA) order lunch@Doodle
 08 12 noon/Apr.11/A508 Xin Liu (Cfa) and Shude Mao (NAOC) order lunch@Doodle
 09 12 noon/Apr.18/A508 Gongbo Zhao (Univ. Portsmouth) and Youjun Lu (NAOC) order lunch@Doodle
 10 12 noon/Apr.25/A508 Pengjie Zhang (SHAO) and Chao Liu (NAOC) “Dynamics meets kinematical tracers” (download username: naoc;  password: astronomy) order lunch@Doodle
 11 12 noon/May 09/A508 Stephen Justham (NAOC) and Ling Zhu (NAOC) order lunch@Doodle
 12 12 noon/May 16/A508 Kenneth Carrell (NAOC) will show some of his work (with Weibin Shi), and Carmelo Evoli (Hamburg/DESY) order lunch@Doodle
 13 12 noon/May 23/A508

Marcel Zemp (KIAA)  "On the local dark matter density" by Bovy & Tremaine  (arXiv:1205.4033) and Qi Guo (NAOC) "The suppression of star formation by powerful active galactic nuclei" by Page et al. (Nature, 10th May)

order lunch@Doodle
 14 12 noon/May 30/A508 Zhonglue Wen and Shude Mao  order lunch@Doodle
 15 12 noon/June 06/A508 Fu Hai (California);about Herschel-related work and Lucas Macri (Texas A&M University) order lunch@Doodle
 16 12 noon/June 13/A508 Zhaoyu Li (SHAO) will present new results about a vertical, X-shaped structure in the Galactic bulge; Jifeng Liu (NAOC) will lead a discussion on "The age of the Milky Way inner halo", order lunch@Doodle
 17 12 noon/June 20/A508 Richard Long (Manchester) and Andrew Gould (Ohio State) will both introduce some of their work  order lunch@Doodle
 18 12 noon/June 27/A508 Jiasheng Huang (Harvard U.)  and Jaswant Yadav will both introduce some of their work.   order lunch@Doodle
 19 12 noon/July 04/A508 Jinyoung Serena Kim (Arizona) will talk about discs around young stars, and Andy Gould (Ohio) will introduce a strategy for finding planets in M31 order lunch@Doodle
 20 12 noon/Sep. 05/A508 Cedric Lacey (Durham) on star formation and the IMF in high-redshift galaxies; Alexander Zakharov (ITEP) on exoplanet searches using microlensing.  order lunch@Doodle
 21 12 noon/Sep. 12/A508 "Constraining the local dark matter density"  (Chao Liu, with Lan Zhang);  "The Telescope Access Program and potential joint projects" (Eric Peng, together with everyone present) order lunch@Doodle
 22 12 noon/Sep. 19/A508 Pseudo-evolution of dark matter halo mass (Marcel Zemp); The surface brightness profiles of galaxies (Andrew Cooper)  order lunch@Doodle
 22 12 noon/Sep. 26/A508 Measuring dark matter halo density slopes with flexion (Nan Li); Double-peaked Narrow Emission-line Galaxies from SDSS DR7: Sample and Basic Properties (Junqiang Ge) order lunch@Doodle
 23 12 noon/Oct. 10/A508 Strong gravitational lensing, galaxy or cluster (Xinzhong Er, NAOC); Recent results from the Spitzer Survey of Stellar Structure in Galaxies (S4G) (Albert Bosma, LAM/OAMP, France) order lunch@Doodle
 24 12 noon/Oct. 17/A508 Evidence for Cosmic Downsizing of Spin Evolution of SMBHs (Yan-rong Li, IHEP); The closest star to the SMBH in the Galactic center and the origin of the hypervelocity stars and S-stars (You-jun Lu, NAOC) order lunch@Doodle